Rang Finder Trena Laser - Distance Meter Digital 7X 600M -1500M Monocular - Golf Range Finder

  • $127.64

Gain unshakable confidence on the course. With this Rang Finder you will play it smart since you'll know the exact yardages for each club in your bag—especially your wedges for precision approaches. Knowing the distance will help you select the right club and approach to your golf game before you take a swing.

Get a major advantage on the golf course with this Rang Finder because you'll be the one that knows the accurate distance measurements before taking a shot which is the smartest way to lower your score and beat your friends or colleagues (I meant opponent) on the golf course.


Model Number: SW-600A&SW-900A & SW-1000A&SW-1200A&SW-1500A
Power Type: Rechargeable
Size: 104x72x41mm
Brand Name: SNDWAY
Measurement Accuracy: +/-1M
Display: Build in LCD screen
Angle range: +/-90 (Only multifunctional model)
Objective caliber: 25.0mm
Eyepiece caliber: 16.0mm
Exit pupil caliber: 3.8mm
Diopter adjustable range: +/-5
Laser wave length: 905nm
Viewing angle: 7
Working temperature: -20-50
Weight: 350g approx.